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The story of Alabama is a story of triumph. Last year marked the 50th Anniversary for Voting Rights in our country, enacted due to the courage and commitment of community members across Alabama and across our entire country. In Alabama, children led the efforts to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to use their voice for change. Teach For America - Alabama was chartered on these same principles. Many parts of Alabama today are still honored for the contributions its people made during the Civil Rights Movement. We truly serve in the shadow of this history, often in the very same communities where this movement began and thrived. This year we celebrate the 7th year of our partnership with the state of Alabama and our many community partners to ensure that one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Firmly believing in the power of increased educational opportunity, 4 Black Belt community members sat down at Mustang Oil, a diner in rural Alabama, and decided to work to bring Teach For America to the state of Alabama. Despite many obstacles, they secured everything necessary to guarantee 30 teachers a place to work in Alabama’s Black Belt beginning in 2010. Since then, the Alabama region has rapidly expanded across the Black Belt and in some of our largest urban areas.

Our alumni base in Alabama is rapidly growing, with nearly 200 alumni living and working in Alabama, taking on major policy roles, becoming principals, and bringing AP classes, ACT prep, and college-level work to their schools. While we are far from finished in our fight for educational excellence in Alabama, we have maintained the grassroots spirit that first brought us here, and we are committed to working towards one of the greatest Civil Rights issues of our day, educational equity.


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One Day
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March 8, 2016
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